About Jill Okura

Lightworkers Healing Arts by Jill Okura is a Divine Light Energy Healing facilitator who helps lightworkers and those on a spiritual journey to live their highest possible destiny for the good with Love leading the way.


The journey of healing and spiritual wellness has been a lifelong pursuit for Jill Okura. Always guided by a (sometimes mysterious) light within, her intuition told her there was more to what we were typically shown and taught.

Decades of study and research led Jill to the work she does today of helping and aiding others to know their True Selves of innate health and wellness, as well as the mostly unannounced knowing of our inner workings- our very Soul bodies.

Jill’s studies have given her knowledge and practice of Chinese medicine, Pranic Healing, Shaman circles, Curanderas, Buddhism, and the Yogic sciences as well as the realms of the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Cosmic Beings.

Her own channeled downloads are informed by this combined ancient wisdom and she is happiest and most at peace when sharing.

My Book: Soul Heart Mind Merge

My passion is sharing wisdom, heart connection, and healing light with others on their journey to wholeness, happiness, and wellness. I wrote the book Soul Heart Mind Merge as a guidebook for healing, empowerment, and Divine Self-Mastery. 

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Reviews from Readers

"This book is a gentle reminder of why we're on this planet. Using her own experiences to guide the reader, Jill leads us as any great teacher does, through guided mini-lessons of spiritual ways. Easy to read, and GREAT to re-read!"
Isla G.
"Few people can really move my heart and inspire my mind. Jill Okura is one of the rare few. This book is fantastic! I bought a few extra copies to give to friends."
Jon B.
"Where to start.. this book has inspired, motivated, and launched my practice to a new level. Whatever it is you’re trying to work through ... This book will guide you with self-care and Awareness! With this knowledge in your toolbox the possibilities are endless! Thank you!"
An easy read with great insights and positivity to open you mind and heart for your soul's journey.
Carl Kalin
"This book will enlighten you on so many aspects that will help you to know life as it is. It will make you think and act upon transforming yourself. This is a book which you might have to read again and again to understand it more profoundly. "
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Aolani K.
"I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I started to put her work from the book into a daily practice, I quickly found the ability to become an observer of my own life. While some of my own habits and patterns were difficult to take a hard look at, Jill provided the tools to steer the course towards a kind of self-love and compassion I have never known."
Emily H.