Abundance and prosperity are intended for each of us in Nature’s design of giving all of life everything it needs to grow and flourish… to be supported in her radiant ways. We are a part of Nature. When we are true to life and our hearts of pure love while staying connected to God/Creator Source, our True Home, natural gifts of this soul alignment are ours to receive. We can teach ourselves the gift of receiving without struggle, as the forces of creation want for us. 

This natural alignment of receiving from Source requires us to be online with the higher energy frequencies of operating in the truth and knowingness of our hearts, of our God-selves, of Nature. When we are in this alignment, the organic truth that Nature consistently operates in keeps our giving and receiving channels functioning at their highest possible levels. You can live your God-self and open your arms to receive gratefully!

Understandably, the financial world of man-made money systems can be challenging to navigate, particularly because they are set up to the convenience and advantage of only a small percentage of the population. Do not let this deter you! Do your part. When seeking, all paths lead to God, to your divine self-mastery, and the innate knowingness of the world within you can guide you to conquer all facets of the world outside of you in the doings of society, financial and otherwise.

Ideally, doing your part involves the knowledge of what you came to do–for the highest good of all– in this lifetime. The discovery path of this part of the journey can be interesting and inspiring. Exploring the world of study, work, and play to participate in contains endless choices. You can follow your heart and what attracts and interests you the most. Be true to yourself. Create your life in each moment, asking for your highest guidance in making choices. As you are satisfied or dissatisfied with one area of exploration, you can involve yourself further or move on to the next area of interest. There are no rules other than yours in how your life goes. You can continually ask and give thanks for your highest guidance and purpose. Remember to retain joy and gratefulness along the way, as this will greatly empower you, too.

As you practice and learn to hear your highest guidance, your inner voice of all-knowing (also known as your claircognizance), the voice of the soul and of Creator God, you will find your way to abundance and prosperity. Alignment with this voice, this Source, is the gateway to receiving at all levels.

Remember to enjoy the ride!

Practice This Mantra

Thank you, Creator God, for the abundance and for taking care of me in all ways.

In saying and repeating this mantra, you announce to the Universe that it is already happening. This is a piece of manifestation as there is no time or space in the Unseen Realms and we are communing with Creator God and her company of Angels, Ascended Masters, and benevolent Cosmic Beings in the Unseen Realms. Part of their purpose is to help guide us to our abundance, prosperity, and mastery! Blessings Be.

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