Blissful Truths

The life of our Souls merged with the love of our hearts is our direct line to God, to Source, to Home. The “ingredients” of the Soul are miraculous and magical. The information and science behind this has been hidden and lost to us for eons of time but can be reclaimed, especially because we are in a time of potential resurrection. As social, political, and economic systems are not fair or strong enough to support a healthy life for populations worldwide, it is obvious that
change is needed. Opportunities abound, especially within each of us individually. When enough of the world population recognizes the need to strive for individual awakening and enlightenment, it can lead to a conscious mass collective willingness to undertake the creation of rebuilding governments and systems to lead with the higher frequencies of truth and integrity.

The current Aquarian Age is constantly sending downloads of these higher vibrational frequencies of energy to help us remember the enormous gifts of this knowledge given that is carried within each of us. Our hearts and souls, our true selves know wisdom innately. Long hidden yet residing in our DNA, surrender, and commitment to do the spiritual work to support
the ongoing evolution as a species reveals this and confirms that we are each a magnificent soul within each of our physical bodies. Life truly is miraculous and magical. The miracle of life is given to us when we are blissful babies. An infant’s smiles and giggles of pure joy show us this truth. This bliss is an organic blueprint of life. It is pure love in action. We are proof of this.

Bliss is a natural expression of the soul and of the divine light that we are.

Without intellectual thought and with primal instincts, a baby expresses and announces the joy of life he/she feels… at life, at simply being alive! Without direction or guidance, it is a baby’s natural divine light manifest. We are this high vibration of light, love, and wisdom. We don’t have to download it because we are already it. We just have to remember how to recharge it back to its natural state.
Seeking truth and enlightenment is the soul’s intuitive longing. Once announced, guiding lights show themselves fortuitously and aplenty in a myriad of forms. As well, in the age of google searching, spiritual information and guidance are in abundance. Use discernment. Seek and you shall find, receive, and evolve!

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