Cultivating Consciousness

Cultivating awareness into consciousness (awakening) is the goal of the spiritual journey. It is in becoming enlightened where body, mind, and soul can be fully enlivened, where we can learn to live life healthfully and lovingly in all ways and at all levels.
Despite the general madness and chaos in the world or perhaps because of it, using it as inspiration with purpose, we are being asked to heed an ultimate wake-up call. One at a time, our hearts and sense of logic can look deep within to discover a calling that will contribute to the saving and evolvement of the human
race. We can counter and help turn the tide into progressive healing and loving instead of progressive greed and madness led by systems that strive to stay in constant control of societies and of people in general. We can stay on a constant inner healing journey as we aid others with theirs.

One heart at a time, we can continually evolve ourselves as we help and serve others along the way.

A spiritual seeker learns that we have each been gifted with a potential unfolding path that leads to our inner knowingness and innate wisdom. We are spirits in physical form. Spirit or soul knows. It has the answers, as in: the answers are deep within. We were born with the gift to experience life in so many different ways. The
choice of becoming a spiritual seeker is an experience that can lead to a fulfilling and purposeful life. It is a choice that can help guide our world from utter madness to sheer joy derived from right thought, right living, and right action. All things are possible!

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