What It Is

The Healer Within Mentorship is a 9 week program of energy healing lessons to move you forward on your spiritual journey with the goal of self-empowerment at all levels.

You’ll be guided to experience the Light of pure love and wisdom as you awaken and enliven your Inner Healer and Soul-Heart body. You’ll practice how to breathe fully and stay grounded so you can live fully. And, you’ll learn to cut negative cords, keep your chakras healthy and radiating, and use energy in the form of Divine Light to heal yourself, others, and the world!

Each week will consist of a 1 hour private lesson with Jill (either in person, by phone or Zoom) and an additional hour during each week for support and further guidance (by phone or email). You will also receive Divine Light energy healing transmissions during each lesson. Personalized and evolving heartwork/homework will be given for full integration and understanding.

Your Inner Healer is alive and well and waiting for your acknowledgment. The Inner Healer within has the blueprint to keep you in radiant health at all times. It is made of energy that knows exactly what is needed by all your bodies at any given moment. We are all teachers and healers, first for ourselves, and then for all others.

Topics Covered

You'll be guided through various topics for your personal enlightenment and self-healing journey. Your mentorship is customized to you, and will vary depending on where you are in your lightwork journey. Some of the subjects you can look forward to working through are listed below.

Practice Rituals

The Seven Tenets

More Concepts Explored

You & Your Soul

Pure Life Force Energy

Why Are We Here?

Healing with love, to love and be loved


Divine Light + Love = Healing

Who Are You Really?

Putting the Heart back together

Multi-Dimensional Beings

Traveling between worlds

Archangels & Ascended Masters

Meeting your Spirit Guides and Angel Team

Soul Heart Mind Merge

Evolving the human self

Living Love 24/7

Love's forgiveness is fearless.
Breath & Light, in This Moment

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