Know Yourself to Love Yourself

Connecting the dots of love: Know yourself to love yourself, to love all others so you can love all life in the world, in the universes, and in the entire cosmos. Whew!

But it does start with knowing yourself, your beautiful eternal soul, and the fantastical incarnation of yourself in temporary human form. When we take our minds away from our auto-pilot programmed selves and allow truth and our imaginations to soar, we have the opportunity to see life and therefore ourselves in truly miraculous dynamics. 

What’s not to love?! We are in physical bodies that science has yet to understand fully. Our bodies, minds, and souls are gifted with oh so many capabilities. We are the one species on the planet with the ability to use our minds to observe, analyze, compute, intellectualize, etc., etc., and to speak our languages for communication purposes. We get to create on so many levels and in so many ways. We get to dance and sing, skip and jump, play or be serious and everything in between. The gift of expression is ours with these incredible emotional bodies.

When we’re not taking ourselves for granted, we can remind ourselves of how fantastic it is to be in human form and how very gifted we are. There is so much to be grateful for.

Perhaps the greatest gift of all is that we are made of love and light. Love as the healer and the foundation of all existence and the divine Light containing innate wisdom and all-healing properties, as well. 

The spiritual journey to discover one’s true divine self along with the magic and mysteries of life contain the knowledge and answers to our purpose, to our peace and joy, and to what life is meant to be for and about. 

Dig in and find the love that is you because you are filled with boundless treasures waiting to be discovered. Your spiritual journey awaits you!

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