Life in the Present Moment

Meditation is letting go of control, letting go of everything. In this surrender, life can be lived in the freedom of the heart and mind. All-encompassing freedom carries joyful bliss, the bliss our hearts and souls are made of. This style of meditation lends itself to a blissful life lived in the present moment.

One way to develop and access it is by continually announcing a mantra or affirmation on each inhalation such as, “I breathe my true blissful self at this moment.” And with the exhalation, “I release all past and future energies.” Practiced as a daily meditation as often as possible can connect the moments so that ultimately the gift of living freely and blissfully in the present moment becomes reality. 

The gift of living in the present moment brings us to the heights of a life fully lived, for as humans, life is not lived other than in the present moment.

Elusive as this can seem to the intellectual mind, there is a great joy in itself to set aside the mental body—that letting go of everything. Using the guidance of the meditation mantra/affirmations takes you to areas not controlled and overseen by the intellect. Without the entanglement of the mental structure, relief and peace have the space to come flooding in. (Try it, you’ll like it)! 

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