Do you need help reconnecting to your

True Divine Self?

Has the busyness of life taken you away from your spiritual journey?

Are you ready to be more consistently conscious of your Soul’s Purpose as a being of Pure Love and Light?

As a Lightworker I channel and transmit Light to facilitate healing and heart evolvement to help you get to that next level.

Divine Light Energy Transmissions

Learn to work with energy to heal yourself. In these sessions I help you through the process of releasing blocks, overcoming triggers, cleansing your energy, and, addressing areas in your life that may be draining you. The goal of these sessions is to heal and maintain your body in a strong, high frequency vibration. I provide guidance on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies.

Spiritual Teachings & Counseling

Are you looking for help in staying consistently conscious of your true state of self? We are spiritual beings within beautiful physical body temples. My spiritual teachings remind you of who you truly are, and I help you to see the miracles of your innate healing abilities. Check out my blog, my book, or schedule a session with me to begin your journey.

Healer Within Mentorship

I offer a 9 week mentorship to help you discover the healer within you. This is a series of private, individually designed sessions to teach and guide you to your health, joy, and life fulfillment. Ancient wisdom, spiritual knowledge and practical processes lead the way. Goals include health and wellness of the emotional, mental, physical, and etheric bodies.

Angel Readings

Receive gentle, loving guidance from the Archangels and Light beings in Spirit. Jill opens a direct connection to the Angels to ask questions and get information for your highest good.

Start Living Your True Divine Self

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Divine Light Energy Healing Sessions are 75-90 minutes each and take place at my home in Kula, or virtually via Zoom or phone. Click the button below for my appointment calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Light is a high vibrational frequency of energy that has been used for healing purposes by different cultures throughout time. It has the ability to clear out and transmute damaged cells that create illness and disease. Healing with Divine Light is an alternative and organic healing method.

Perhaps some of the best clients for healing with energy are those that know the body and mind have their own innate healing abilities. It involves the use of natural processes and is available to all.

Similar, yet different. Both channel energy for the purposes of strengthening and healing the body, mind, and soul. The details are different.

All new client appointments are paid for online prior to your appointment time. All debit, credit cards and Paypal are accepted. 

Free Consultation

Interested in the Mentorship program or an individual session but not sure which is best? Contact me for a free consultation where I can answer your questions.