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Clients share reviews of their experience with Jill Okura and  Lightworkers Healing Arts. 

Jill’s messages from the angels and her awareness of my spiritual abilities gave me a new perspective on life. I have always felt alone, and different, but with Jill I felt understood, safe, and free to be my true self. If you are an empath or a HSP I highly recommend talking with Jill. 


Eliza S.


Encountering Jill Okura has changed my life and stopped my life long search for the truth about God, the Universe, and the true meaning of life on Earth. If you want to know why you’re here, just call Jill.

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Loretta T.


The session I had with you during your participation as a subject for my Ph.D thesis on Mediums and Communication with the afterlife has stayed with me—the “realness” of how you were with me is what has impacted and makes me want to keep pursuing the exploration of all this even though I finished my Ph.D. over a year ago. Best wishes, Elliot


Elliot B.


“Jill has a gift like no other. I have been working with her for the last two years and I must say, so much healing has occurred on so many levels! She provides a safe and loving environment where she guides me to tune into my inner wisdom of Love. Every session with Jill takes me to the next magical place and I cannot wait to see her again!”


Maylee W.


“Jill is a powerful, intuitive healer who can quickly hone into the core issues and use her knowledge, skills and abilities to help her clients heal specific areas so that they can move past them gracefully and move forward in their lives. She taps into ancient wisdom and long lost modalities as part of her process.”


Taryn K.


“Jill Okura is an intuitive healer who has access to the higher realms of love, beauty and truth. For many years I’ve benefited from her insights and health support, and found a friend who understands the challenges and subtlety of the spiritual journey. Jill is strong and loving, trustworthy and compassionate. She’s helped me face myself when I couldn’t find my way and I encourage you to tap into the blessings of her intelligent guidance. Her awareness is amazing. Thank you Jill.”


Ginny R.

Intuitive Astrologer

“It is easy to feel completely comfortable in Jill’s presence. She is authentic, down to earth, and deeply connected to the powerful and loving energy from the higher realms. My first energy healing session was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and so powerful it cured my shoulder pain that had been present in my life for five years. I love the angel readings too, bringing everything full circle and gave me confidence on how to move forward in my life.”


Jeannine G.

The Seeking Root • Hawaii

“Jill is an incredible energy healer, counselor and support person to count on when you need advice and clarity in life. I would recommend her to any and everyone needing clarity, empowerment, healing and direction for their life! Jill has helped me with many issues on various levels and subject matters, so much so that I now have a clear direction and know what my purpose is in life! If you want to live your superior life it takes a lot of work on yourself and you will need Jill as a part of that process to help you accomplish that goal! Thanks, Jill and keep up your great Angelic work! You truly are a representative of the Angelic Realm.”


Jacques T.

Eat Pray Maui

My sessions with Jill have been life changing, mind-blowing, and leave me feeling so full of happiness, love, joy, hope, and confidence in my life path and soul journey. She not only gives spiritual guidance, but also has helped me to be a more heart-connected wife, mother, and friend with her counseling. Every session is a huge epiphany and deep remembering on a soul level that feels so purposeful. If you are looking for a mentor or the next step in your spiritual path, I highly recommend Jill Okura.


Jessica O.


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