The Importance of Reconnecting to Our True Selves

The path to freedom and our original birth hearts of innate bliss is complicated and at the same time, in our paradoxical world, it is also simple. We were born in truth, love, and wisdom. This birthed source of life are natural attributes of the
human spirit, the human soul, the human being. There are energies within us that intuitively know wisdom. When we are connected to this inner source of life—our true organic selves— truth and knowingness conspire to announce themselves. The workings are Nature’s roots… our very foundation, our true original selves, gifts of this magical incarnation called life!

Our TRUE selves contain a healed heart that gives and receives freely and generously. Love knows giving without question, without a doubt. When we are living within the connection to our true selves we are able to give the love of our hearts, our compassion, our friendship, and service to one another for the sake of love, for the sake of life itself. We are able to give and receive love graciously and gratefully. Life begets life with Love, wisdom, and Divine Light as its source.


Transforming personal pain and fears into the reconnection with true self is a healing path of self-discovery and recovery.

It is a process. It is a journey. It is the spiritual journey that blesses us with its gifts and unfoldment of blessings of the highest order, wherein lies truth, peace, love, freedom, and wisdom.

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