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The Soul Knows

We are divine benevolent beings created of Love in the Divine Light, in the oneness of All That Is. The Higher Self and the Soul know the love and glory of life illuminated in moments of perfect alignment with Creator God Source. To remember and attain the innate magnificence of all life is to bring back moment-by-moment living guided by the wisdom of the heart and soul.

We can each work to release and peel away the layers of darkness—the wounds and trauma inflicted upon us and our world—one layer at a time. We can discover and use our abilities to replace the space of the wounds with the energy of high vibrational healing divine light and the reopening of our heart chakras—our hearts of innate unconditional love. To keep ourselves filled with the highest vibrational frequencies of energy is to be in an environment enlivened with joyful healing properties. 

The journey into consciousness and enlightenment presents unlimited opportunities to aid in the nurturing and evolvement of mankind. Polarity is here but duality of the heart need not be. Awareness and education of possibilities create a path to the remembrance of the knowledge that the heart can stay grounded in love with wisdom leading the way. 

The Soul knows to forgive all while embracing ourselves, each other, and all of life with open arms and the innocent love of compassion.  All is possible!

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